Our Cleaning Specialist Are Well Trained With Our Supplies To Provide Quality And Consistency To All Our Barefoot Clean Clients

Magic Mix

The Perfect Mix of Gain Dish Soap, Mr. Clean, and Vinegar!!! It cuts grime and grease!! It melts hard water stains!! It cuts down on the elbow grease!! It kills and REMOVES germs!!! It is our go to product in bathrooms and kitchens!! We use it everywhere we can!!!

Mr. Clean

Mr. Clean Is Awesome!!! Freshens The Air!! Cleans The Floor!! Safe On All Surfaces!!! We Love Mr. Clean!!!

Magic Erasers

Magic Erasers Take Off All Kinds Of Stains!!! They Are Safe On All Surfaces!!! 

Windex Multi-surface

Windex Multi-surface Is great on granite, marble, and glass!!! It is safe and leaves a wonderful clean finish!!! 

Orange Glo

Orange Glo has a wonderful citrus scent that leaves your wood furniture polished and smelling fresh for weeks!! I have personally studied all the furniture polish out there and this by far is the best!!!


Trusted On All Glass Doors And Mirrors!!

Baking Soda

Baking Soda paired with our Magic Mix gets down deep in grout and gets out that stuck in FUNK!! 


Who Knew So Many Uses!! Kills Germs!! Whitens!! Kills Mold And Mildew!! Thank YOU!!


Swiffer Takes the Stress Out Of Dusting!! Traps The Dust and Carries It Away!!

Scouring Stick

Why Did It Take Me So Long To Find These?? Life Saving Scrubbing Power!!! Takes It Off..... Whatever IT Might Be!!!! 


Dirt Devil Vacuums Are Awesome!! They Have Suction!! They Are Tough!!! They Are Easy To Clean!! They Are Easy To Repair!! They Are Cost Effective!!! 


We sweep the bathrooms. Wet floor is not good for the vacuums. The rest of the floors we vacuum for maximum dirt removal!!!

Libman Mop

Libman Mops have a fast dry time, Leave minimal water on the floor, and leave a beautiful smoothe finish!!!

Quick Shine

Quick Shine Brings Shine and Polish To Wood and Laminate Floors!! Wonderful Product!!


We Use A Two Bucket System!!! One Bucket Is For Rinsing!! One Bucket Is For Mr. Clean!! This Insures A Clean Finish Everytime!!!

Rubbing Alcohol

Hospitals and Doctors Offices Trust Rubbing Alcohol To Kill Germs and So Do We!!! Anytime we feel a little extra germ killing power is needed we spray it down after cleaning to leave a layer of long lasting protection on surfaces!! Not to metion this is a wonderful product for fabric!!

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