Flu Season

Beat Flu Season don't let it beat you!!! When the mosquitos are out you protect yourself!! When the sun is hot and you are gonna be in it..... you protect yourself. Hello.... why don't you do the same with germs.....

Fun fact:


We put a spray bottle nozzle on the top of the rubbing alcohol and spray ourselves like you do for mosquitos!! Guess what its been 4 years since we got sick!!

Before we go shopping, to the dr., to friends houses, any public space is a place to protect yourself!!

We also spray our friends when they come over!!! yep!! we spray the hole house with it when you leave too!! This is how we roll!! Germ killing all day long!!!

Spray your kids before they go to school so that they are protected from lil sneezes from friends!! This really does work!! When they get out of school spray em before they get in they car. Then give em a shower as soon as they get home!!!

Rubbing Alcohol does not hurt any surface!! you can spray everything with it!! as long as it is on the surface it will continue to kill germs until it is washed away!!

We dont hide and stay home during this time of year we go and live it up..... but we do it safe!! We keep spray bottles ready in all cars and at every sink!! I clean my house every 2-3 weeks and we sanitize with alcohol in between!!

We have got to change they way we look at germs!!!

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