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Thought I'd start with a lil background. We had a blog before and I just could not keep up with it! So, now that I am back in the office I want to try this again!!

In the beginning there were construction paper ads and a 5 gallon bucket! Waiting tables by night and cleaning by day I slowly started learning what it would take to take care of my family. We were growing quickly and bills were getting paid, but I was bringing home every sniffle, sneeze, and stomach virus.

Cleaning started to take on a new meaning to me and I realized very quickly something was not right with what we called "clean," "disinfected," or "sanitized." Two years of test strips and product testing taught me so much! Since then we have honed our cleaning process to truly bring a new standard to the word clean!

As we started taking on cleaning specialists we soon realized there was a need to keep a consistent and efficient process that would allow us to fluctuate the cleaning specialist easily. Out cleaning specialist may come and go but our process remains the same! We do all we can to ensure that no matter whose face is there you get the quality clean you need.

After Hurricane Harvey we went straight in to action helping the area get back on its feet. Cleaning is the first thing needed after a disaster! Now we have a few extra tools to come to the rescue even sooner after a natural disaster! Generators, trailers, hauling capabilities we didn't have before! Soon I will even have a water truck so we can bring power and water to location when utilities are down! Barefoot Clean wants to be the first call when the sh*t hits the fan!!

Covid-19 hit our community hard! We struggled to keep cleaning specialists to fulfill the needs of our clients! Clean is something that protects everyone from getting sick. Barefoot Clean sprung into action! Jessica and I worked all we could and covered as many houses as we could! Brought in some family to fill the void until we could hire some extra hands!! Barefoot Clean made it through! Learned a lot!! Grew in ways I did not expect!

Now, we are adding staff regularly! Quality and Consistency are our top priority!! Our new cleaning specialist are learning quickly and are eager to serve our community!!

During the middle of all the chaos of 2020 our lil family moved!! It was not an easy undertaking!! Went from 1/3 of an acre to 11 acres of trees! Lots of hard work and long hours! Crooked Pine Ranch is growing and quickly becoming something exciting! Because of all that we learned with Barefoot Clean we have mad quick strides establishing Crooked Pine Ranch LLC.

With so many things in the fire it was time that I hit the office full time! Run the businesses and make sure that things stop falling through the cracks!! In it to win it now!! Gonna try to blog regularly and share some of the cleaning knowledge that I have learned with y'all! Hopefully I can figure out how to up load some videos and really give y'all a lil incite into why we do what we doooooooooooo!

Thank y'all for joining us on this wild ride!!

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